The best songs of Radioactive Scotland

The best songs of Radioactive Scotland



Radioactive Scotland

New College Lanarkshire’s Student Radio Station

Some of the many students have moved on to BBC, Commercial, and Community Radio Station.

2018 sees another group of students taking on this new role with some amazing shows. If you want to be the Radio Star then join the team. Email the Station Director Darren (Email) or via the contact page.


Radioactive Scotland has attracted a huge following around the globe, with listeners tuning in from Brazil, Russia, Serbia, Latvia and even Taiwan.

The initial college radio station at Cumbernauld College (now New College Lanarkshire) was set up by music lecturer Darren Paramasivan in 2008, however, it recently became an international 24-hour station after teaming up with Apollo Radio UK. Making the move put the station on the world stage which has been a great experience.

As soon as we began broadcasting over the internet we acquired a diverse range of listeners from across the globe.